Mourning the Loss of Jack Lalanne – Fitness Titan

I remember Jack Lalanne as the guy who wanted to get you healthy.  He did crazy things like swimming from Alacatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf towing boats with heavy loads.  He was also the guy who sold juicers, and tried to get America eating real produce rather than the processed stuff (see recent story on Taco Bell ingredients!).  His whole life was about getting Americans to be fit, and as the face of that message, he kept himself in prime shape, even to the end. He passed two days ago, due to pneumonia, but he will be missed.  His quirky personality, and ability to do over the top things for fitness will be missed.  He was rightly inducted into the California Hall of Fame by Arnold S. and Maria in 2008, and if you want to read more on his life, check out his Wikipedia article – and be inspired to be a fitness great yourself (or at least work towards it!).

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I grew up, according to popular legend, in the Great Northern Wilderness. Not much is known beyond the evidence of my rearing: By following the apple and pear trees, you may find a clearing in the vast forests of the north, where bears now live, you will now be in the adolescent testing ground of my youth. By surviving the bear challenge you may be worthy to enter the Wilderness. I warn you however, The Wilderness made me what I am today, and if you go in, you may come out as I have–Tough as nails, and yet sensitive to the emotion of creation. It’s all about respect and love. Journey if you must.

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