Iran’s Bloody Monday

“Angry men showed their bloody palms after cradling the dead and wounded who had been part of a crowd that stretched more than five miles (nearly 10 kilometers) supporting reform leader Mir Hossein Mousavi.” -AP News in Brief

My heart goes out to Iran as they struggle to find an acceptable outcome after the election results which reelected President Ahmadinejad and which were rejected by the opposition as fraudulent.  As the crowds protesting are shot at and chaos ensues, I wonder if Ahmadinejad feels that holding onto power is worth all this turmoil.  If the opposition is right, and the election votes were purposely miscounted, I wonder what the resolution will be.  Whatever it is, lives have already been lost to find it, and so it is far too costly.  The bloody palms of the people are living testimony against suppressing truth.  If the elections were fraudulent, Shame on the Ahmadinejad.  If they were not, and the Mir Hossein Mousavi is playing a game to destabilize Iran further, then Shame on him.  I hope that the Guardian Council of Iran acts with wisdom and does not bow and suppress the truth.  Meanwhile, Iran’s president is not commenting on the crowds as he visits Russia.  Another country that has a love hate relationship with Pravda/Truth.

A protester holds up a bloody hand during an opposition rally in Tehran, 15 June 2009.


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