How to Start a Movement – Weird Kid Starts Huge Dance Party

I’m outlining and writing a book called “How to Start a Movement” on the side of a few other projects, and then I saw this youtube clip that got me thinking about what traits Leaders have, and how movements get started.

After watching that clip, I thought through what made that guy a leader:

1) Confidence in Solitude

2) Clear Focus (The Dance)

3) Welcoming of Others

4) Perseverance and Passion

5) Isn’t Afraid to Have Fun

As I watched this clip I remembered some long term projects that I’ve been a part of, and though many things worth working towards don’t take off as quickly as this Dance Party, once they do get running, it is certainly amazing.  I really enjoyed this image of Leadership.  Have you been part of a movement before?  Do you think this is a good illustration?


8 thoughts on “How to Start a Movement – Weird Kid Starts Huge Dance Party

  1. SO AWESOME. extra-wow.
    this is essentially what happened when you came to gravity. you were this really weird guy, and then a few other weirdos joined you… just kidding :).
    you can’t help but smile when you watch the video. it’s partially because it’s amusing, but also because it’s miraculous. the sociology of it – the act of humans bonding over and sharing something that was once looked at as deviant at first, but then became this amazing, fun activity in an exponential way.
    it’s about 1 person taking a huge risk, then another taking somewhat of a risk, then less so and less so until the act is dominant. it’s like a statement (i’m going to do this. you should do it too.), then a question (is this okay?), then an exclamation (this is great, and we didn’t realize it until we tried it!)
    i feel like i’ve never really been a part of a movement besides gravity before. the video makes me excited, and i wish i could be a part of more, but i also know it takes more hard work and guts to do it than i could realize now.


    1. Gravity has been a great adventure. It was wonderful to see it grow every year. (I am weird, aren’t I 😉

      The great thing about movements, is they tend to happen when you least expect them to. I just rewatched the video, and I noticed that the crowd formed greatly while the main guy was turned away. When he looked back, he was surprised! And he jumped into the crowd. This really blew me away. Glad that this resonated, Livi.


  2. It is a very good illustration. Awesome really! If our leaders in church had this same bold, leave it all on the table kind of attitude, there would be people wanting more. They would wonder what drives this person or persons. There is opportunity in confidence! I love this. It made me smile.


    1. Thanks Jeanpaul, I’ll definitely look that one up. That is a concept that Dean Borgman taught at Gordon-Conwell, and I wonder if he learned it by experience or read “The Tipping Point” himself.
      How is the follower more important than the leader? Just wondering what your reasoning is.


  3. notice when there the second joins the first you can hear a few people chuckling, laughing at them. As more people join it changes to cheering.


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