Being Healthy, part 2: Sick Fix

***Caution*** Gross stuff about being sick somewhere in this post.  Read at own risk. ****

I’m going to be brief on this one, because I want to have this as a reference for anyone who had the same symptoms I had and thinks that they are sick.

This Spring I began taking Zyrtec to help with my allergies.  It worked really well, except that I had to drink lots of coffee to counter the drowsy effects.  I also did a lot of traveling for various reasons, so my body was a bit under the weather and finally I got a head cold that was going around our circles at church.  Because I knew that Zyrtec blocked histamines, which block colds, I decided to get off of Zyrtec, and since I was sick, coffee as well.  Zyrtec took some time to get out of the system and was fine, I just got a bit itchy, but I knew that would happen.  Then, I got the caffeine headaches.  They were blinding at first, but every day they got a little better for a week until they were gone.  (Caffeine made my head cold worse, so I was going to have a headache either way).

The problem really arose after I got off the Zyrtec, and off the Caffeine.  I began waking up 2 hours after I slept every single night and I would hack and cough.  I would usually get heartburn from the situation, and my sleep schedule got thrown out of wack.  After these bouts, Heartburn became more frequent during the days, I felt terrible, and sleeping became harder and harder. Coughing got worse and worse, and I thought maybe if I hacked up more stuff, things would get better.  They didn’t.  I was about to make a doctor’s appointment at my wife’s request.

Then I started googling my symtoms one night at aout 2 in the morning.  I went through way too much stuff, but I finally found something that made sense that I’d never heard of before that related to all my symptoms.  It was called “Chronic Open Mouth.”  What!?  There is a think called this?  I thought this was just a way some people breathed?  Apparently, this way of breathing is not optimum.  Here’s why:  The air that comes through your nose, is moistened before it comes into the body.  It does not dry out your throat, and is a healthy way of breathing.  Air coming through your mouth constantly is not moistened, your throat gets dry, and I’ve found that my sinuses drip if I’m not breathing through my nose, and cause myself to need to cough up stuff.

All I had to do to solve my problem was to consciously begin to breathe through my nose and keep my mouth closed.  It was hard, and counter-intuitive at first, but eventually I realized it was far superior, and I began to sleep immediately through the night!  No more coughing fits, the heartburn slowly subsided, my sinuses no longer dripped because the air dried them, and I normalized.  Amazing.

So if you have the same symptoms (coughing fits, irregular sleep, phlegm at night, heartburn, etc) look up Chronic Open Mouth, and see if it is your problem.  Good luck!


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