Just for Fun: Kingdoms Live (My Master Plan)


For anyone interested (with an iphone/touch), I play a game called Kingdoms Live.  It is slightly obsessive because the game is based completely on stat grinding.  You buy weapons, armor, and spells, and your character levels up, so that you get a total number of attack, and if your attack number is bigger than someone else’s, then you win when you battle.  Battles are instantaneous based on stats.  You buy weapons, etc. with Gold, which you earn by either attacking other people online, or by buying land.  Land is expensive and it gets more expensive as you buy more of it.  You also need land because it provides income which is used to support the upkeep of your armor, weapons, spells.  Each sword, ax, etc, has an upkeep cost.  You also need to invite others online to join your army.  This is a very impersonal task, the main goal is just to get a high number, because the more people you have, the more weapons etc. you can equip and the higher your attack number.  Lastly, when you’re all armed, you can go on quests, which are like battles, but have tag lines like: “Invade the Kings Castle” and there are requirements.  You have to have a certain amount of people, and certain amounts of certain weapons, and you have to expend Mana to do them.  Anyways, if you’re interested, here is the link to check it out:  here (you need itunes and an iphone/itouch).

For the geeks out there, or anyone who plays the game is obsessively addicted to it, here is what I just did, and I think it is awesome.  I spent all my time accumulating land so that I had a combined income of 100,000 pieces of gold per hour.  In the meantime, I’m being mercilessly attacked by those who are spending all their money on weapons.  I calculated that I could buy the most powerful equipment for 67 of my soldiers with 2.7 million pieces of gold.  So I bided my time, bought land, and more land, and got attacked more and more.  I also memorized names of those who attacked me while I was weak and mined me for gold.  I then had 100,000 per hour income, and 2.7 million in gold this morning.  I bought 67 Mithril Axes, 67 Mithril Sheilds, and 67 Teleports (the most powerful and expensive spells in the game at my level), and I began attacking them back (particularly a character called Chan Tihn).  They have been devestated.

I don’t know how long my power will last, but right now, the hunting is good.  Let me know if you play, and what your strategy is.

22 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Kingdoms Live (My Master Plan)

  1. I was following your tactic (Current income 300K/hr) but then you realize there is no point in buying the equipment and attacking. Farming land has the biggest ROI. Oh well. I currently have 48Million gold in my knapsack!


    1. You’re right. My plan is purely based on vengeance and the desire to win, rather than gaining wealth. I’ve created a strange metanarrative that sidebars the game. I remember names, and I build up, buy weapons, and pounce.

      I could just sell everything and have 300,000/hr as well right now…

      NEW UPDATE: A new update has added new weapons and new quests. I may just sell everything, save up, and buy new land and weapons after calculating what it takes to support the most powerful, similar to the above strategy. I would then last until the next update/addition.


  2. How are you guys getting that much income… Im lvl 20 camping right now and only have 6000 income…how long did it take to reach 100000 cause…. 6000 * 10 hours is only 60000 gold and thats not a lot to buy land =(


    1. It took a good long while. For me, I stopped buying weapons for two weeks and did nothing but buy land. What happens, is that it starts out real slow. You have to constantly put money in the vault because you’ll cease to keep up with others that battle you. It is kind of like a rolling stone gathering dirt and moss. It gets bigger and bigger, and eventually you are just rolling in it. Be patient at first and expect to be bored, but you’ll have a huge payout, and a more sustainable system if you buy lots of land up front.


  3. I’ve just sold all my weapons to adjust to the additions to Kingdoms Live. This is a long shot, but I’m going to try and raise my land support to 800,000 and then buy 24 million gold worth of the new weapons at the top level.


  4. If you’re camping, I recommend not putting your funds in the vault. Every time you put something in your vault, it’s going to take 10% from you, as you well know. But what you may or may not know is that when people attack you, they take a cap amount depending on your level. Storm8 recently raised the loot cap, but even for me at level 78 it’s only about 23,000 per attack. This means that as long as you don’t get attacked more than once an hour, and as long as your income is more than 10x the loot cap (mine’s about 970,000 so i’m fine) it’s more worth it to keep your gold outside the vault. You can also lessen the amount you lose by attacking others (still adds defeats to your stats, but no gold loss) and by lessening the amount of gold you have on hand (by buying land).

    Also, I don’t know what level you’re at, so I don’t know how many people you have in your army or what weapons are still locked, but you’ll eventually need well over 800,000 in income to support your upkeep. Here’s a listing of the items with the strongest attacks:

    Dragon Eye
    Cost: 90,000
    Upkeep: 1,800
    Attack: 44
    Defense: 24

    Runic Helm
    Cost: 54,000
    Upkeep: 1,200
    Attack: 22
    Defense: 52

    Death Curse
    Cost: 270,000
    Upkeep: 8,000
    Attack: 107
    Defense: 23

    Total cost per unit: 424,000
    Total upkeep per unit: 11,000

    So for an army of 100, you’ll need 42.4 mil to buy your items and 1.1 mil income to maintain them. You would probably want to go to about 1.5 or 2 times that so that your income doesn’t crawl to a halt after you buy your weapons. You want to limit the number of times that you have to buy and resell your weapons as much as you can so that you don’t have to face that 50% loss in return. The numbers above are for an army of 100, but to unlock the larger parcels of land you may need to go as high as level 70. I don’t know because they were already there when storm8 released the new items. If you have to go to level 70, you’ll have to buy weapons for 350 units.

    Another thing that you may not have considered: the items listed above are the highest valued as far as attack goes. However, if you want the strongest army possible, you’ll have to buy another set of defensive weapons for when you get attacked, stats below:

    Dragon’s Fang
    Cost: 56,000
    Upkeep: 1,200
    Attack: 42
    Defense: 36

    Shield of Illusion
    Cost: 32,000
    Upkeep: 740
    Attack: 8
    Defense: 56

    Tidal Wave
    Cost: 140,000
    Upkeep: 5,600
    Attack: 78
    Defense: 34

    Total cost per unit: 228,000
    Total upkeep per unit: 7,540

    A final thing to consider is that the different land parcels have different return on investments. For example, the farm gives you 1 additional gold per hour while going up five gold in cost, giving it a .2 return on the amount of increase. The stone quarry gives you 50 gold per hour while going up 280 gold, which gives it approximately a .18 return. This means that it’s worth it to buy more farms than stone quarries. To calculate which item currently has the best return on investment (which you should buy next), divide the amount of gold per hour you’ll get by the land’s current cost. The parcel with the the highest number is the one that you should buy next.



    1. I’m at level 60 right now, and am working towards getting items that have good attack and defend. I was going after Dragon’s Fang, Runic Helm, and Tidal Wave for an army of 95.

      I like the idea of going up 1.5 to 2 up (though my patience may wane a bit). Part of the fun for me is the pounce in which I mercilessly attack back the gold diggers that attacked me while I camped. But by the time I’m at 800,000 gold/hr, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to continue going to insure that I can continue to grow.

      I’ve definitely been doing that for land parcels, so thanks for bringing that out into the open. I’ve been doing that in my head as I’ve decided which lands to buy.

      Thanks Giusti, for a very advanced version of what I’ve been working on!


  5. Hey, good strategy to stop fighting others. Also, forget the vault when you get higher income with your land … Keep your health low and you’ll easily outpace the 10% it costs to deposit your gold. I get 1.25 million per cycle now. I’m hoping that at some point they open up new land options beyond the gold mine. All the best!


  6. I’m now just above 1.1 million gold per turn. Once Im at 1.5 I’ll pounce. I can’t wait – so many gold diggers. Strange thing though. Even w out any weapons or armor right now, I sometimes win battles. I don’t quite get that math.

    Also, you are right. I’ve stopped using the vault.


  7. Okay. I’ve taken the suggestions and I mow have an army of 115 equipped w the most powerful offensive and defensive weapons/armor (dual sets) w a support of around 1.6 mil and then an income of 1 mil per hr. I hope to start expanding my army soon.


  8. My income is 4.2 mil and I have dragon eyes, runic helms and deathcurses for my 380 men and I am lvl 76. Anyone untreated in adding me feel free puqt4. Centurion Fiend Fyre of the legion


  9. I have a 8 million income right now i’m level 114 and i’m camping till I have 10 million income then gearing up . I’m just stocking up on gold mines when i get billion but in the millions of cash i get i buy the cheaper land is this a good idea and when do you think storm 8 will get new land or if they ever put more land ?


    1. I am now at 7.6 mil/hr. What I do, is I start with the small lands. I try to spread out what is the cheapest investment for the most gold.

      The easy way to do it is to look at the total cost over total amount you receive. That is ROI (return on investment). So if it costs me 4,000 gold to buy a farm which gives me 1 gold/hr, i am making 1/4,000 – but to simplify I take off the last three, and it is 1/4. If the next is 5 gold for 15,000, it becomes 5/15, or 1/3. That is better than 1/4, and so I start buying that land until it reaches 5/20,000 or 1/4, and then I move on to the next land until all are at a 1/4 ratio like that.
      That way I am always getting the best ROI and I’m not paying to much at any given time. In the future when all are 1/4, I will look to hit 1/5, and 1/6 etc with all of them.


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