Teaching Series Illustrations Completed

My friend Mark and I finished a series of illustrations (at the end of this post) for Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA.  They have made them into Trading Cards and each will be released as the character is preached on.  The schedule looks like this:

June 28 – Hero: Tabitha Acts 9:36-42

July 5 –
Hero: Cornelius Acts 10

July 12 –
Hero: Esther

July 19 –
Hero: Ananias Acts 9:10-19

July 26 –
Hero: Jethro Exodus 18:1-27

August 2 – Hero: Nathan

August 9 –
Hero: Priscilla/Aquila Acts 18; Romans 16:3

August 16 –
Hero: Obed-Edom 2 Samuel 6:10-12

August 23 –
Hero: Jonathan’s Armor Bearer 1 Samuel 13:16 -14:23

August 30 Hero: Onesiphorus 2 Timothy 1:16-18

September 6
Hero: Matthew/Levi Luke 5:27-29

Check out www.grace.org if you want more info or want to attend their services to listen and collect the cards.  Mark and I also have a site www.6amcomics.com, and a blog sixamcomics.blogspot.com if you want to see some of our other work.


2 thoughts on “Teaching Series Illustrations Completed

  1. I already told you this when you showed them to me but these are incredible! So well done and beautiful! So talented.


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