Good Stuff – The Philanthropist

My wife Amanda and I consume a lot of media.  We watch many movies, and many television shows on the basic networks.  Every once and a while I find something that is actually good.  As in, it gets me thinking and challenges me to act/move.  So I’ll drop a note in the blog when something like this comes along.

I’ve recently started watching “The Philanthropist” and have seen 3 episodes.  You can look it up on wikipedia to learn information about the suave main character (Teddy Rist, played by James Purefoy).  My worry was that this show would basically end up being a “Western Culture is superior and needs to help the poor helpless people of the world” kind of thing.  The first two episodes reinforced my worry, because it went to some less developed places of the world such as Nigeria and Myanmar (formerly Burma).  But this worry was shattered, when the character became shattered, and began realizing that all his western money means nothing in these other regions of the world.  Not only that, but this week, they targeted the “Sex Trade” in Paris (much like the Liam Neison film “Taken” but with a different slant), showing a messy world full of dehumanizing acts, no matter where people live and interact.  They are beginning to show that the world is in need of good people everywhere to challenge and destroy the cultures being built by those who do evil to their fellow human beings.

Without revealing too much, I want to let you know that the show is worthy of watching and interacting with.  The main character plays out the role of playboy, but his heart has changed, and he is leveraging his image to surprise people with the results of his true actions.  No one expects the rich brat character to be the most effective hero for change in the world.

If you would like to try it out, go to and catch up before you watch it next Wednesday.  Then come here and tell me what you think.  Personally, I am digging into it because it is more than entertainment (and God knows I am sick of meaningless entertainment).


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