Honestly Webcomic – Superman King

Honestly - King Superman

I just finished watching Superman 2, and I have to say that for the time, it was a brilliant movie.  I highly suggest that those who enjoy comic books go back and watch it.  Though I’m not fond of how Lex Luther is portrayed (he was a mega CEO in the comics I read as a kid), I still loved seeing all the cheesy side effects.  What really makes it great though, is the relationship and teasing between Kent Clark/Superman and Lois Lane.  I absolutely loved it.  Now, I got thinking when I wanted to do a new Honestly, and I thought, what is on people’s mind.  Well, the Recession I suppose.  It’s on the news ALL the TIME. So I combined what everyone else is talking about, and then something that I’m enjoying lately, and coagulated something that I actually thought would be fun – Superman as King, rather than all the meandering of modern Democracy – which in its idealistic form is amazing, but in practical application (like all human things) often gets lost in translation.  Enjoy this couch conversation about our future ruler/Titan megalord.


(PS – for those of you who didn’t know that I did webcomics check out http://www.6amcomics.com and http://sixamcomics.blogspot.com)


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