Honestly Webcomic – District 9 Metaphor

Honestly - District 9 MetaphorThis one took way too long and took me away from Amanda (my wife) for a bit too much.  My idea came up after watching the movie District 9, which is a very gritty film about Social Justice involving an impoverished alien species.  I had drawn some guys talking about this movie in front of a movie theater, and it turns out that the boxes, and the wacom tablet were too much for me.  Next time I think I’m going to just sketch it straight up, and not do the whole computer thing.  Perhaps I’ll change my mind.  I have a habit of hating all my pieces immediatly, and sometimes a week later they look fantastic.  Right now I hate this piece (artistically, not content wise which I think is fun, so read it anyways) so much that I won’t say much on it.  Actually, I think I”m liking better already.  Bon Appetite – Another Honestly.


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