Honestly Webcomic – Beef!

Honestly - Mark, Dan, BeefFriday August 28th, was Mark Marianelli’s (http://markmarianelli.blogspot.com/)birthday, so in honor of this special occasion (and since I am ever broke no matter how much money I earn), this is a tribute to our glorious past together.  This will be the first in a three part series called Beef! in which Dan and Mark (two ordinary people from earth) combine molecularly (which is not a word) to create the amazing and all powerful BEEF!!!!  Basically, this is how I imagined Beef when Mark and I would get way too close and in a transformer like way – become something greater than just us.  Beef is a monstrosity composed of two sets of arms, two heads, and multiple weapons.  He is probably robotic, but probably has some hair, and has animal teeth – FANGS.  He has both keen eyesight and a 40 lb grip x 1,000,000, and his missile guided lasers are punishing to say the least.  Beef was the man, a monster, and ridiculously ridiculous.  That is why Beef is awesome.  Here’s to you Mark, and our strange adventures – Happy Birthday old man.

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