Figuring Out Google Wave

Google Wave

Thanks to my friend Mandy, I received my invite to Google Wave last week.  Here are my first impressions:

(1) It looks good.  Google has a good vision, and I think that they should keep going with it.  I love the idea that all my communications online could be put into one big Smoosh.  That’s my new word for a ball of lots of talking and getting things done.  One implication of this Smoosh, is that like Facebook, it makes time more relative, in that it allows people to be less centralized and they are able to respond as they are able.  I wonder how deadlines and project goals will change as they are imported into this coagulation.

(2) It doesn’t work very well yet.  To be honest, the instructions didn’t come into my inbox immediately, so I spent the first 20 minutes with the program just clicking things and being completely frustrated.  It wasn’t until I googled “How do I use Twitter on Google Wave?” that I was able to get Twitter on there (and it doesn’t update automatically or anything yet).  It also didn’t and still hasn’t imported my Gmail contacts so either no one I know has Wave except Mandy (rendering it useless to me, or frustrating as I uber communicate to Mandy).  I found a how to get on the Public Wave, but the instructions didn’t work and I’m not sure if it is because I’m  incompetent, or whether its just a Beta glitch.

Regardless, it is pretty.  It is a good vision. It seems like it should move forward.  I haven’t been allotted any invites yet, but when I do, I’m going to invite a few of my friends to join me and try it out, because it seems like a worthy endeavor.  I think it will be less frustrating when I have a few friends from my contacts frustrated with me, communicating it through the very same platform that is frustrating us.  Can’t wait.

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6 thoughts on “Figuring Out Google Wave

    1. I agree. I was thinking that perhaps they could implement Wave as an application within Gmail. That way I don’t lose the functionality of Gmail (which I love), and I have the extra option to experiment with Wave as I’m able. It may take a few years for this to grow into itself and catch on.


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