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Okay, I’ve learned quite a bit since my last post on Kingdom’s Live, and I want to update everyone.  For those of you who don’t play Kingdom’s Live, it is a Storm8 game on the Iphone/Itouch, and is a stat based Massive Multiplayer Online Game.  You can play it in quick bursts, but you are always open to attack whether you personally are on or not.  Everytime you pop on there are new things to take care of.  No real graphics, just full of imagination – you know,  as if you are a real warrior.  I love the game.

Strategy: Since I attained the goals in my previous post, I’ve shifted strategy.  No matter how long I camped, and no matter how much I gained, there was always someone who could hit me harder and longer and faster.  I also realized that there were things in the game called Clans, which were bands of players who have gone outside the game (to chat programs and personal Networking sites) to create realms where they could stay connected, chat, and strategize without littering their comments wall in game.  It also allows for stealth when deciding to war against “Farmers” aka someone who continually attacks the same weak players maliciously, and for hitting other clans who are just mucking about, or calling out your clan.  In other words, it makes things more fun, and more deep. (So I joined the clan: Gods of Wars or GOW, and their symbol is a flame with a TradeMark logo.  There are about 200+ members and about 30 of them are more active).  The clan also makes the games more personal because you can chat with people who are just as geeky as you.  For example, my name in game is Muad Dib (add me to your army: 2ps1r if you’re still reading ;).  From my name alone, I’ve made friends with people who actually know what Muad Dib means (The Mouse in the Desert, from the Dune series of books).  I am somewhat obsessive with the series (I’ve read all 17 books), and this is an easy way to find other techies who are as interested as I.  To date, I have not met one person in the real world who has also read the Dune Series from cover to cover.  In Kingdoms Live, no less than four people have read most or all of the books.  Good times.

So what is my current strategy?

(1) Continually add more land.  My gold levels are never enough, and I’m leveling up again, so there are stronger players. Currently at 4.7 mil gold/hr.  Seeking to get to 7 mil.

(2) No camping until level 100 – 115 (which is the cut off before you are able to be seen by all people over level 115 and up, making you the bottom of the pond of big fish).  Once at 100 I will camp indefinitely and seek to strengthen myself.  I’d been at level 60 for about 2 months camping in the previous strategy.

(3) Work with the clan to build up my social knowledge of the game.  By joining a clan, I’ve been exposed to a new element of the game.  Diplomacy.  As Clans clash, there are negotiations that can mean life or death (or being bounty listed forever).  War is fun, but peace is needed from time to time to work on your profile, so there needs to be an ebb and flow.  Diplomacy makes that happen.  Right now I am a Lt.2/Recruiter in GOW, which means I have little role at all.  I hope to move up to a Don of War, which would have good amounts of responsibility, and the ability to declare war.  But ultimately I would like to help give peace to the clans members.  By being level 100, this would give me some more status, and the ability to show off to Farmers at the lower levels, but not enough to be noticed by the Bigs at the top who are always fighting and cut throating.

(4) I will also be buying some of the New Weapons.  Currently I have 350 Runic Helms, 350 Dragon Eyes, and 350 Heavenly Restorations.  I would like to buy some of the new hardware Storm8 just put up and some Death Curses (of which I have 100 for attacking).  But I need to build up my ability to support all that.  I want to convert from Dragon Eyes to Griffin Bows, from Runic Helms to the Crusader’s Chestplate, and to have dual spell support with Heavenly Restoration and a set of Death Curses.  A tall order, but I may be able to pull it off in the next two months.

On the side I’ve also discovered that GOW clan is stronger and more mobile in Imobs, also a game by Storm8 so I’ve started an account there to make friends who are also on Kingdoms Live.

So there you have it.  How are your strategies coming along?


14 thoughts on “New Kingdoms Live Strategy

  1. You seem to have the right idea going and I enjoy how you describe the (unstable) diplomacy around the clans and in social networking. I’m taking more of a passive role to the military aspect of the game, my gold flow is on 8,200,000 at the moment and I’ve just reached 4,716 members in my army (plus I sent you an invite – my name’s WishDragon. I’m at level 76 at the moment ~ I originally planned to camp untill 16,000,000 million income but then Storm8 introduced all these new weapons so I’m just going to max defense because of my game style.
    Hope to see you in game 🙂


    1. Great to meet you WishDragon. I wish I had your income right now. It takes longer and longer the more you buy thanks to the 10% markup per purchase. They really need to release more types of land – but I suppose that is a money thing. More equipment = more money for Storm8 from impatient players. I appreciate your defensive strategy. There are members of GOW I could introduce you to who hold to the same tactics and only arm up when we are in direct war with another clan.

      I’ve already added you, and left a comment. Leave a note here or there anytime.


    2. My code is 2qetkb I used to be a “SuperBountyKiller”… Before had to restart since when I got a new phone it wouldn’t transfer my old account sadly. I had awesome power and income… Yet, these days I’m staring to think dunno what my method is this time. But anyways I rarely read blogs like this as don’t usually read them ever anyways lol… But, I was wondering if you could send a couple thousand army invites myway please??? And I thought you were maxed out at 1,500 members anyways??? My codes 2qetkb thanks y’all.


  2. Hi, i was wondering if you could advise me, I am currently building up a bit of revenue at level 15 on Kingdoms Live, i have an army of 14 and 14 of each best offensive / defensive weapon / armour / spells. All of my stat points have been put into attack ( I win 99.9% of attacks and still ~90% of defends.

    I was wondering when ( or if ) i should start using stat points on defence when i reach higher levels as i have seen very effective strategies of higher levels bountying themselves and reaping exp when they successfully defend the attacks and heal themselves.

    If you are still reading i thank you and ask one more thing, at around what level should I start maxing my army size? At this level i rarely lose and so see no point of increasing my upkeep.

    Thanks for your time – Tyrrell. [ 7VAENX ]


    1. At the lower levels it seems good to keep going on the offense. Many people shoot themselves in the foot that way, because it seems that you are getting so much gold with every attack. The problem with that strategy is that the best investment in the game is not merely attack attack attack – it is investing in land, and you don’t have to be strong to do that. One player (NoSoul) told me, “Gold is Power”, and in this game it is true. That is why so many people camp (do not level up and have barely any weapons to maximize gold per hour) – they are buying land.

      Imagine yourself remaining level 18 for 3 months, but coming out of that time period with 8-10 million gold per hour. It takes a lot of patience, but its worth it and feels good when you’re able to buy whatever weapons you need. That will come in handy when you level up to 75 – 100 and need better weapons and an army of around 360.

      Right about now, it does well that you don’t have a large army, but eventually you will be seen by larger and larger armies. At level 18 you can only have 5x the army members total, which means that your level peers have 90 members max. At level 75, I can see people who only have 40 people in their armies and they could have 360. My philosophy would be to max out your army now (why not try for 1,000 members). If you’ve camped and have enough gold, you can always buy the weapons you need, and you’ll be fighting against the best soldiers (not against those who are laying low and prob aren’t much of a fight anyways). That would make it more exciting anyways. I have an army of 570 members right now which would get me well above lvl 100 if I just leveled up.

      As for your points, I would try to balance out your defense points with attack points starting now. Slowly bring up your defense (2 defense, 1 attack) until they become more leveled. I have mine about even. Off the top of my head I think they are both in the 60’s – 70’s. You may not be defended against the more unbalanced players, but if they have no defense points, you can always take your gold back whenever they win a battle.

      Good luck, and I hope this helps.


  3. I don’t agree with your last comment. I have successfully moved up to lvl 60 with an army
    of 9. Generally that means only people who have between 6 and 9 armies can see me. There was only one lvl in the 50s where people with 14 armies could see me
    and that was because there weren’t enough people in my range at that level, so I quickly moved up a lvl. I have kept attack and defense equal with very little points going to the other stats. Wins/losses ratio is 5:1. If I had more ay
    members I would have to kit them up which would cost more whereas I have all the best weapons for my 9 and that is only 1% of my
    income – currently 6.5m per hr. Camping is boring but necessary. It will take me well over 100days now to camp and get 11m
    income. When you camp though, make sure it is at a lvl change where you get higher defense weapons. For example
    camping at lvl 60 I will take a lot of losses because we just got given high attack weapons. So I will move up and camp at lvl61 because we get new armour. Then I will win most of the times people attack me…


    1. I don’t get what you don’t agree on. Just the strategy in general. I do think that to have the fullest experience you should be decked out and have many army members. Keeping things limited limits play in my opinion. Is that what you meant you were disagreeing with?


  4. sorry if this has alreadybeen covered but how would i join this clan if there is room? And what is a good income to camp to at level 50 and 60 as this will be my strategy


    1. Find any GOW in game and ask for a recruiter. You can often find GOW on the bounty list if a war is going on. Those who are active are most likely to be on the BL.
      (1) Be lvl 25 unless you have great land and much experience or are GOW in another game
      (2) You have to get Palringo (free app, or pay for non ad version) but this is part of the recruiting process
      (3) You should not be a farmer (except if you are battling in a war)
      (4) No vulgar players – we have a code of conduct and we keep it clean for the kids who play (so moderate trash talking)

      At lvl 50 and 60 you should start aiming at having around 5-7 mil hr. It sounds excessive, but at lvl 60 you have all the lands you can get and you will need at least 1 million gold per 10 levels you have (so lvl 110 will require 11 million gold/hr) to remain competetive. Start early, grow slow and strong (or spend lots of money 😉


  5. Thanks for your posts on kingdoms. I just got my iPhone a month ago, bought kingdoms and did the noob thing, rushed to level 35 adding army members willy nilly. I finally realized the need for gold and started camping. I’m currently lvl 40 with 47 army members armed with the best gear defensively for my lvl and only 37k in goldflow. The question is if one were to be without cell access for a week is it better to gear down and hope for the best or to maintain the gear and then invest whatever is left upon return? In general if you are camping is it better to have no gear and bunker down and enact revenge when goldflow is adequate as you did or to try to protect what little there is as you invest in land? Thanks again for your posts…always nice to meet a fellow nerd.


    1. To answer your questions I will speak from having played for about 2 years now but your play style may differ.

      (1) If gone for a week, strip gear before you go into the dark and save enough to fully arm in the vault. Then let gold accumulate when you are gone. When you return, buy land, arm up and exact revenge on anyone that farmed you. In experience, if you are not linking purposefully or causing trouble, very few people attack you. Most action is on the BL and you don’t show up on the Rivals list as much if you don’t log on.

      (2) In general, when camping, have as minimal gear as possible. I have 1000 of the highest gear with no upkeep just to keep lower lvl players from biting at the heels. Lately, since I am at 18.5 mil hr, I hold onto 1.2 m hr upkeep worth of lower lvl gear so I can still win fights on bl and gain wins while camping. But the more cash flow you have, the faster you can buy land, and the faster you can break camp. Write a list of names and link locations if you really like revenge, but ulitmately, when you arm up, most farmers are cowards and will completely disappear. Just know that campers get farmed by someone, and you will have that moment of satisfaction when your farmer absentmindedly hits you after arming up and you win every try. Then you hit back until the link dries up.

      Hope that helps. Add me if you like – 2ps1r – I am of the GOW clan, I am a Colead who has won four wars, but am currently just playing for fun while another colead leads up the clan.


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