Books I’m Reading Right Now

Okay.  So I’m reading a lot of books right now, and so I’m going to list them and tell you why I’m reading them.  Let me know what books you are reading and why.  I’m geek like that.

(1) The Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (JRR Tolkien)  – I haven’t read these since the 4th Grade and I’m starting over.  They are so much better this time around.

(2) Speaker for the Dead (Orson Scott Caird) – The sequel to Ender’s Game based on a planet where little porkine aliens have been discovered.  Very interesting.  I loved Ender’s Game.  Tragic.

(3) Dune: Messiah  (Frank Hebert) – I’m currently rereading the Dune Series and I am on this book.  The second book is not as good as the first but still is intriguing.  Such a brilliant and philosophical universe.

(4) How to Read the Bible Book by Book (Gordan Fee and Doug Stewart) – Amazing book that goes through the Bible and gives backgrounds, culture, intros and structure stuff.  Good stuff.

(5) Messy Spirituality (Mike Yaconelli) – I am a youth minister and this book reminds me that you don’t have to be perfect to do ministry or be a Christian.  Thank God for Jesus.

(6) Genesis and Exodus (Bible, Various Authors) – Our youth group is reading through the Bible in one year.  I’m reading it with them, and it is a great journey!

Okay, so what books are you currently reading?


4 thoughts on “Books I’m Reading Right Now

  1. That’s quite a line up, DG… You love you some variety, don’t you;)

    Has the son writing the new Dune books managed to maintain the philosophy of the originals? Or is it dumbed down in comparison?

    Glad to see you bloggin’ again, boy!


    1. The new books are good man, just not as in depth. They work in the same world so they are intriguing. And there are some more messed up stuff in them. Def need to read the originals first though.


    1. Absolutely. I’ll try and find it online. Thx. I’ve been a big reader of Dean Borgman’s “When Kumbaya is Not Enough”, Doug Fields “Purpose Driven Youth Ministry”, Walt Meuller’s “Youth Culture 101”, Chap Clark’s “Hurt”, among many others. Thx for the tip!


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