Lame Duel – America vs. Brittain

Here is a second video that was originally done in my friend Mark’s basement when we were in High School.  My friend Kevin joins the fun this time and plays the apathetic American.  I (Dan) am the Apathetic stereotypical British guy in a light grey suit.  And to respond to my good friend Matt who commented on facebook – yes, I had hair back then.

Here is an excerpt from my good friend Mark’s blog on this piece:

“This time Dan and Kevin (aka LonDan and AmeriKev) go head to head in the most infamous love/hate relationship of the countries… my guess is that back in the day we spent too much time making videos and not enough time paying attention in class… Hence, missing the section on the Revolutionary War… and how it ENDED…

… Either way, we’re Americans for life. Boo yah!

Anyway, if anyone keeps up with my blog, you may recognize some of the animations at the end… winky face. There’s two very awesome music tracks in this video. One is by Dan (or rather, “For Sheriff“), it’s the acoustic song playing in the background, it’s called “Fine”… And it’s very good. The other is a midi version of a song called “Never-ending Fields of Pain” by my good friend Peter and his band, “Two Good Friends“…”

Here it is:

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