Kingdoms Live: Gold, Politics, and Power


I’ve written two previous strategy blogs on Kingdoms Live here and here.

I will post my current strategy and chronicle where I am currently as a player, then conclude with remarks on how power and politics work in Kingdoms Live and other Storm 8 games.

(Terms to know: Camp – selling gear to keep upkeep low so u can buy more land; farmer – a player who attacks other players with  no rules on how many times and tends to attack weaker players to take their gold; clan – a banded group of players who act as a unit, or have a common goal and set of values.)

Current Strategy:

(1) I am now level 81.  I’ve seen averages for high impact players and how much gold they have per level.  I figure if you have 1 million gold for every 10 levels you are, you are in the power players club.  So at 81 I need 8 million gold.  I will not level to 100 until I have 10 million gold per hour.  To achieve this I am in a Defensive Camp that only costs me around 2 million gold per hour which leaves me about 5.7 million gold per hour to buy up land in my grab for 8 – 10 million gold per hour.  (Gold is power – see previous blogs).   If you want to see my Defensive camp setup add me (2ps1r) and then take a look at my setup.  It is basically all high defense but low attack weapons, shields, and spells.  I will be in defensive camp for one week after this blog posts or until I get 8.5 million gold hr.

(2) I am in a clan, and now am one of two people who lead up that clan.  My clan spans across four storm8 games, and a war started in another game has been spilling over a little bit.  Some particularly tenacious fighters have come over to Kingdoms Live to try and farm low levels in our clan.  That’s okay, because in Kingdoms Live, we have plenty of farmers trying to steal our gold and we know how to deal with them.

Dealing with a Farmer? (A) Defensive camp or decide acceptable losses if in total (no weapon) camp.  You get more gold from a total camp than a farmer can take from you.  Your stats can always be made up, so have no fear. (B) Bank Gold if you have a weak stomach and don’t like to lose any gold. (C) Have a strong player farm your farmer, then Bounty List them when they are in the hospital.  The farmer will not like you taking their gold (a friend of mine calls it liberating their gold ;).  (D) Remember you are immortal.  Keep a clear head.  Think, reflect, decide, and act.  Always good advice no matter what your situation in life.

(3) When I reach 15 – 20 million gold I am going to dash for Level 200.  There are a few active level 200 players who do not really mess with each other as far as I can tell.  In World War, the Level 200’s are active and create groups and wars that press the Drama.  The Drama in Kingdoms Live all comes from the low to mid levels who are rising.  This is because of the lack of Land and thanks to Storm 8 adding more and more items, this means that half the game is in an almost constant camp.  This benefits farmers, who level up too fast and end up being weak high levels, which still makes for boring play at the top.  So many players are constantly camping to grow stronger to defend against farmers.  There doesn’t seem to be many clan battles like in Imobs (where cash flows like milk and honey), because the good clans are constantly fending off farmers from their low levels who are camping so they can rise strong.

Like in all Storm8 games, in Kingdoms Live, Gold is power.  The more you have, the more weapons u support, and the better chance you have of victory, and your status and power go up, and your ability to be political increases as you are able to fend off the lame players and help others fend as well.  The more friends you have, the more you create fences against these lame players, and instead of everyone individually fighting lots of people individually against farmer, you can deal constant damage from multiple players against one, which pushes the logical players away, leaving a few pests to constantly deal with until they log off or reset.

It is my hope that Storm 8 will release some more land, and allow players to get out of this constant camp that has lasted the last three or four months.  The lower levels don’t realize how paralyzing this is to the game, but as you need 10 – 10 mil hr to support high end weapons, everything slows down as people are just trying to keep their gold matching their levels against farmers.

If you have a different perspective I’d like to hear it.  Perhaps there are some corners of Kingdoms Live I have not surfed to that you would like to share.  And your strategy may look very different.  I hope to hear your thoughts.


9 thoughts on “Kingdoms Live: Gold, Politics, and Power

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I just got into kingdoms live and found your blog trying to figure it out by searching in google. After reading a few different posts, I’ve decided to camp for a while – I’m currently level 9 but I figure the earlier I start accumulating land the better.

    Btw, I did add you (my character is Ronin) yesterday. Thanks for confirming me! I think I might be interested in learning more about GOW. The clan aspect of KL sounds pretty intriguing.

    Thanks again.


    1. Cool Ronin. Say hello in KL again. You can join up when you reach level 25 unless you’ve been camping forever and have large clusters of land. Gold is the source of power in KL, and its hard to get, so camping is basically the way to do it. Unless you’re spending lots of money, there are always campers, and thus, always lots of farmers. Clans tend to fend off the farmers and make it less profitable for farmers to attack those in camp mode by taking back the gold for the clan. But clans are more than just fending off farmers. There is a comraderie that develops in the online world that can really cool. I have some good friends on KL. Character means alot even in game.


  2. Ok- good post, I’m really glad you’ve taken the time to advise people on tactics.

    In a strange twist of fate I did not seek you out in order to read your blog… Rather to find your PAL room. I’ve left my email address for you and would like to speak with someone specifically in your clan.

    To put a finer point as to who I am… I was Gambits mentor when he began.




  3. This thread is old……….but just a thought since I Role Play Bad guys. I Disarm totaly @ the land drops. Keep my health as low as I can until I reach the MAX income 2 mantain 100% attack power untill the next landdrop. I then rearm and keep my upkeep @ 100% just to annoy the people I attack. I could Bountyed all day attacked, etc and loose nothing… It has funny moments


    1. Lol. I totally get that. In the last war our clan fought I bought enough gear to keep income at 0 and when they returned fire they received nothing. Did that for about a week and they went after juicier targets for a while. My current strategy is to get to 20 mil hr and lvl straight from 128 to 200 with full gear. Can’t wait. I’ll be 200 by summer.


  4. cool to read your blog, work as leader of a small YWAM base in Vilhelmina, Sweden. thanks for the tips on KL started it a few weeks ago made the mistake of too much health, tag is ‘Ohoaryone’


    1. Yeah – in the early stages resets are more common. I’m now getting up in level, almost 160, so I’ll have to write up another blog on being a lvl 150-200 and plans on playing at that level.


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