High School Video: The Mystical Face

Okay – so again, another strange video from my past is rehashed by my friend Mark for mass consumption.

This is from my friend Mark on the video:

“In any case, to continue what I think I’ll call the “High School Saga” of videos, here’s another lil’ tidbit of joy which Dan, Kevin and myself have named “The Mystical Face”. This came about when we put Dan in front of a mirror, gave him a flashlight, and allowed him to make faces at himself while we filmed him… The result was a tale of two young men who encounter a supernatural presence and begin to ask him questions about life in an epic pursuit of knowledge, but most importantly, wisdom.

I’m actually re-dubbed this entire video with new vocals (performed by yours truly), but the script is the same… It’s really difficult to mimic the things coming out of Dan’s mouth, but I think this does his words of wisdom justice.”

And the video:



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