My Favorite Tech People *cough* Apple – too lax

Gizmodo does it Again!

I just read the article at Gizmodo about a second lost Iphone, which Gizmodo disassembled, and I began thinking to myself: “What is Apple doing?”  It just strikes me that Apple, the strong secret type of company, has allowed two lax people take a prototype into the wild to try out the crazy little thing.  My questions are (1) Are these two people discoverable? or will they be secretly fired? (2) Will Apple stop letting employees carry their new unreleased tech to bars and other places where intoxication may cause one to forget something?  I don’t know.

Secret Service:

It just blows my mind that there isn’t some sort of super secret service force that would watch anyone with a prototype and if something stupid happened, like it being left behind, they would swoop in, kill anyone that saw the product, and take it back to Cupertino where the alien inventors can assess whether the technology can be scanned to ensure it has not been compromised.

In my experience, bad things happen in threes, in fact, it is a fact that all things happen in threes – so I’m waiting for the third Lost Iphone to surface.  And I’m willing to bet that it will be part phaser (aka Star Trek Laser gun) and part Iphone.  Time will tell.

jobsFound this pic in the Comments of the Gizmodo Post.

Thought it expressed how Jobs must be feeling towards his little Apple Children.



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