Anniversary Poem Collection (First Draft)

As I left New England after graduating from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, I wrote five poems (which I felt was a strong number of poems to have) about  particular facets of New England that I thought really stood out in my mind.  They may not be masterpieces, and I don’t mind if no one thinks that, but they are important to me.  I’ve dedicated these poems to my wife, Amanda, in thanking her for the 7 years of marriage she has spent with me (7 being a Biblical number of completeness, many more 7’s to come!), and for her willingness to freeze in the Great Northern Wilderness (*cough* north of Boston area *cough*) with me and experience true winter Four Years in a Row.  Bless her!

I’ve asked my friend Mark to illustrate these works with his rendition of what he saw when he read them (he did a great blog on how he sees this project), and I am very grateful for the time he took out of his graphic design career to put these together for me.  I know that they were not slapped together, and they are fine works in their own right.  I will be compiling them with the poems more properly in the future in a small paged book if anyone is interested in seeing it in the future (just let me know).  Right now, I’ve placed the poems on top of the images, but in the future I will place the poems on pages next to the images so readers can flip through them.

Again, thank you Amanda.  I hope you enjoy the works (presented below).




4 thoughts on “Anniversary Poem Collection (First Draft)

  1. I heard that Chrome was awesome for mac. True that. Thanks. Just found a typo (or a redundancy) that will be corrected in the final version for Amanda.


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