Kingdoms Live Basics (for beginners and warriors alike)

Kingdoms Live

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When you start out in Kingdoms live you are a small fry and you have no clue what you are doing.  I know I didnt.  I decided to be an elf mage.  Little did I know that gold would be the most important factor in determining strength later on, and I should have picked a gold producing identity.  Oh well, you probably have already picked yours as well.  So be it. Beyond that, here are some basics in the game that should help carry you though.

(1) Patience is Currency – You will need to build your lands.  Buy as much as you can, and DO NOT LEVEL fast.  You should be able to get to 1 million gold hr by lvl 20, 3 million hr by lvl 50, and have 7 mil hr by lvl 70, and you will need 1 million more an hour per 10 lvls after that.  (ex. lvl 80, u need 8 million hr).  If you want to be stronger, have more patience.  For example you want to have top def and attk weapons/armor/spells.  Okay, just aim at 15 mil hr by lvl 100 and you should be able to do so.

(2) Stats Mean Nothing: Some players go crazy over stats.  But did you know farmers are everywhere, and you will have to camp eventually?  Camping is basically dearming, and letting your lands produce top gold.  You can keep health low by attacking other stronger players (ask first ;), and you will make much more gold.  When farmers get you, they give you losses, sometimes deaths on bl.  WHO CARES.  Seriously, later on when you are the strongest player, it won’t matter.  You can get 1000 wins in a night on the BL riding.  Losing a few thousand battles will not matter in the long run.  This would be way too easy for enemies to push your buttons.  You’ll get ahead, just not now 😉

(3) Easy ROI – Return on Investment – Basically what I do in all Storm 8 games is I seek out the best return on investment.  You can do it in your head like this.  Say your land gives you 1 gold an hour and it costs 700 gold to buy.  You should keep buying that until it is at least 1000 to buy so the 100 to 1 deal works.  Then do that w the 5 gold land, get it to 5000 to buy, and 100 gold, get it to 100000 to buy, etc.  Go up the line, and then go back and double it when they are all flat like that.  Get 1 gold to cost 2000, and 5 gold to cost 10000.  That way you are always getting a good ROI and its soooo simple to do.  May sound complicated but once you get it you will be fine.

(4) Have fun – Some easy ways to have fun is to make some friends, because the farmers out there are really lame sometimes.  Its good to have some people to make fun of em with, and to strategize with vs the really bad people who tend to populate online games. Having a common enemy makes the game more exciting.  A good way to do this is to join a clan.  Mine is Gods of Wars (GOW) and you will probably see us around.  We have 170 players, and are pretty warrior like.  If you like a good fam find me (2ps1r), and say hey.  We take strong players, so you may have to employ some of the above principles and get to lvl 25 to join up but I love to have lots of friends so join up.

Those basics should get you to lvl 60, when you have all the lands, and are about to make a run to 100 when you reach 10 mil hr.  You will remain strong, and have fun if you grit your teeth up front and move forward like a military recruit.  Or spend lots of money and buy up as much land as you can.  Its your money (though I’ve spent only 10 bucks on the game), you can destroy your life like its vegas and go against the Gavko who is nearly lvl 300 btw and rides all the time.  Good luck.

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One thought on “Kingdoms Live Basics (for beginners and warriors alike)

  1. Great post. I was searching for information on BL and I am currently camping. Looks like I will wait much longer to really build up my gold capacity. DKHXB4


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