Surf Youth Universal Trip

The Universal Trip was AWESOME!!!  True, we didn’t get much sleep (Amanda and I passed out on the couch for four hours Sunday), but the time spent together this weekend was invaluable.  From listening to great music, to water rides, screaming on roller coasters, and riding together in caravans, it was a weekend to remember.  We had a great group of 15 go with us, and a special thanks goes out to Tina, Amanda, and Kyle, who came as group leaders for the trip.  I can’t thank them enough.

Highlights of the Trip: “No Energy Drinks!,” The Mummy Ride, 1.5 hour wait on rocket (didn’t ride), Getting Soaked on Popeye and ToonTown logride, Nascar Dinner and Arcade (Cheeseburger!), ET and the Simpson, Reliant K (while eating Funnel Cake), hurting feet and holding onto rails, Having a blast w the crew, getting back safe.  Made the lack of sleep worth it.

Til next year!  It’ll be back before you know it.

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