Battle Strategies for Kingdoms Live (Iphone)

When you first start playing Kingdoms Live, its like jumping into a soup and you can make some bad decisions and build a bad rep.  In order to avoid this, read some of these easy battle suggestions that will not only make you stronger, it will help you keep more gold, and stress less on the battlefield.

Before all the tips – make sure that you are ready for battle, which means top weapons, armor, and spells for your level.  Then continue:

(1) Keep health low (hit players on the bounty list until your health is low or ask a benevolent higher level player to lose health against) Why? – this limits how many times a farmer can hit you and take gold.  Even if you lose to

(2) Keep money in the Vault for healing – When you get on, heal and attack your farmers/enemies.  This keeps the battle on your terms.  Often you can return fire and get several hits taking back or getting more gold and annoying the other player.  If you are on – you can get in a firefight.  Make sure you have enough Spirit and keep healing going back and forth to show the other player your dominance as you square off.

(3) Don’t feed the trolls – there are players who can’t beat you well, but like to run their mouths.  Their main aim is to make you look bad and get a chuckle from you losing it.  Keep your head.  Don’t respond to ridiculous banter, and change the tone of the conversation when it suits you.  You can gain respect and allies if you play the situation right.

(4) For those in clans – Don’t link your enemy unless its necessary or you are strong enough.  Remember to warn anyone on your wall that is farming that you are going into battle, so they can either arm up, or ask you to clear their links off your wall.  Fighting strong as an individual is still the strongest way to make your clan strong, so don’t necessarily wait until everyone can join the fray.  Often bigger wars will keep that form happening.  Take care to yourself and your profile, and a clear head will make your clan stronger and better able to present itself as a great clan.

(5) Bounty list only when you have someone who can make the Kill – it is worthless to BL someone if you are feeding them to the wolves.  Especially if they are armed.  Lower levels often have quick thumbs and will give them wins.  Instead, find a stronger player who can hit hard and fast to steal the gold and wins for them self.  If you are not in a clan, offer to help them out when they have an enemy that they want tossed or killed.  Its a good way to build bonds with other players.  Our clan calls it Pitch and Kill – insinuating that Killing is our intention.

(6) Remember that you are Immortal (Tao of Boo, See Bugaboo in clan Integrity) in this game.  If you take high losses today, you will have a chance to make it up later when you are stronger.  There is no reason to whine in this game.  Great leaders can have great losses in their profile.  The enemy may taunt you, but they will make fun of anything to get you to run away.  They win with stress.  If you disregard their idiocy, you will win every time.  They will bore and move on.

Summary of My Kingdoms Live Helps:

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If there is anything I missed feel free to add it below.


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