Dry Dock in Hilton Head Island (Review)

Grouper Sandwich with Fresh Made fries

Recently my wife and I ate at the “Dry Dock” Bar and Grill because we had bought a gift certificate at our Church’s Fall Festival silent auction.  We had never heard of it, and it turned out to be a little bit out of the way – but well worth it.

(1) When we walked in, we noticed two circles of activity: the outside bar and the inside bar.  We weren’t interested in drinks, just eating.

(2) I worried we would have terrible service since the bar was the main area, but that was not the case.  A man came out immediately, and made sure that the cook had all they needed for the menu, and they gave us an ok to get whatever we wanted.  I know it seems like they may have been unprepared, but in off season on Hilton Head Island – we may have been out of luck.

(3) Our orders were taken, and we had the dining area all to ourselves.  It was a small area, with a pool table and was away from the bars but we could hear the chatter. That actually was nice.  Then the food came out, having only waited a short period of time, and we had huge portions.  The grouper on my sandwich was huge, the price was reasonable (8-10 bucks sandwiches, 13-17 for dinner platters w two sides), and the food was hot fresh and amazing.

Even if it is a bit out of the way, google “The Dry Dock” and check it out.


2 thoughts on “Dry Dock in Hilton Head Island (Review)

  1. Thanks for the review. We are trying to make The DryDock a great place to stop for good food. For 16 years we were accross the street by the Sea Shack, that is why there is always activity at the bars. Lots of locals. Please feel free to email me with anything that The DryDock can do with your work at the Church.
    Rob and Vickie Arbogast
    p.s. today is our “Heartful of Toys” party fundraiser for Deep Well and the children of Hilton Head. Stop by and say “hi” if you get this in time. A $10 toy and get a plate of our smoked pulled pork with the sides & a band at 7PM


    1. No problem. I worked a Band Night in Bluffton tonight, otherwise we may have stopped by. It was a great meal – we will definitely be in touch.


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