Cafe/Diner Coffee – Oh Yeah.

Simple pleasures in life are often the best.  Little things like 2D sidescrollers with very little challenge and infinite lives make me happy.  A potato chip after a bit of work tastes so good, and a glass of iced water on a hot day is close to heaven. This morning I experienced simplicity as I have many other mornings but only now I am giving it some writing time: the Cafe/Diner mug of coffee.

It’s infinite.  As long as you sit there, it gets refilled.  Though it is not deeply roasted like Starbucks, or brewed to golden perfection like staple Dunkin Donut drips, it is perfect in its ease of use.  I show up at a local cafe for breakfast with some people I know, and a pot shows up in a waitresses hand.  I can choose decaf or caf (I always choose caf), and I am able to decide how hopped up I want to be for the rest of the day.  Extra charged – 4 cups, charged up – 3 cups, normal – two cups, laid back and slightly drowsy – 1 cup.  O cups is not an option.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of the not so perfect, extra simple, infinite cup of dark brown joe with a little bit of steam from your local cafe/diner – go!  Get some.  Its a simple pleasure waiting for your consumption.  Put away the Mountain Dew and appreciate the not so appreciated mug of coffee 😉


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