Civilization Revolution Iphone App (Thoughts on the Game)

Recently played through an entire game of Civilization Revolution, which is an incredibly addicting game, and just wanted to mention a few strange things about the game that show up regularly:

(1) It’s 1940, and I’m still using a Catapult.

(2) Ghandi is the most warlike leader everytime I play.  His armies are purple, and I’m scared of him.

(3) I am Russian, and I win culturally, first by building Hollywood, and then by buiding the United Nations.

(4) The Chinese and Japanese send out space missions before I do.

(5) Rifleman can beat tanks.

I love it.  I always start slow because I build lots of cities and focus on growth.  The other nations think that I’m weak and so they start war talk.  I keep them at bay as I build units from my cities.  Half military, and half building temples and cathedrals for culture.  As I begin to beat them to a pulp I’m winning a cultural victory, and this time I almost won economically as well by getting to 20000 gold, and was about to build the bank (if you didn’t know you can win militarily – controlling the world and taking every city; technologically – by building and launching a ship to another world; economically – by collecting 20k gold and building the world bank; or culturally – by having 20 cultural acheivements and great people and then building the United Nations).

In the past I have held out the cultural victory to win militarily, but the Japanese and Chinese were about to launch their spaceship!

I love the sureality of it all! 😉 Great App – check it out.

2 thoughts on “Civilization Revolution Iphone App (Thoughts on the Game)

  1. I always win militarily…basically I get too powerful before my culture and my techs increase that I end up taking too may capitals/palaces. It’s just to tempting not too. Especially when their capital is so close to some of my cities. It would be nice to “continue playing” after you achieve victory

    Personally, i would like to see an option that allows the user to select the available victory conditions…as you can do in the regular PC version.


    1. Being a huge former military fanatic – I would always be in the same boat. But I’ve lately challenged myself to win by nothing but culture and it is fun to take over cities using nothing but determining to swell your borders around the competition. It is much harder – but it allows for more science building in order to get the Hollywood accomplishment before everyone else. It is a pretty scaled back version for entry level players. Haven’t played the new one yet, but I hear its amazing.


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