Meth is Bad, But So Are the Ads

A few months ago a new type of advertisement began playing.  It was a response by Civil and Police Authority to respond to the high rate of Meth Addiction happening in their jurisdictions.  Each ad began with a young person saying, “I’ll try Meth just once.”  Then there would be screaming, crying, smashing, and some disturbing images.  The main character would become a Gullum (Lord of the Rings reference) like character, and a very affective slogan, “It wasn’t supposed to be this way,” would be called out in despair.  Basically, Meth is bad.

The truth is, Meth DOES mess people up, and it IS really really bad.  It messes up brain chemistry, it decays your teeth, and destroys the moral capabilities of a human being.  That’s why such a response was called for, and that’s why communities are so adamant about gettting out the word.

While audiences were being terrorized during dramas, sitcoms, and action shows (which young people, the target demographic, also watch), the word was getting out on its own.  A report by the University of Washington shows that in states both where ads were run and where they were not, Meth use has been down trending at asimilar rate.  So in asking the great question of Advertising “Did we hit our target audience?” the answer is “Probably Not.”

Because Meth is so bad, and it does destroy lives so evidently, the face to face word got out faster than the artistic expressions of the real thing.

So how will the ads be remembered?  Not necessarily as effective, but by me, it will be the time that I changed the channel quickly, and then turned it back after 30-45 seconds.  The ads were gut wrenching at times, and it was hard to watch.  Yes, Meth is bad, but so are the ads.


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