Mirror’s Edge Iphone Game/App (Review)

A new app came out on the Iphone recently based on the console game “Mirror’s Edge”.  The former being a first person cell shaded game, or so I’ve heard.  People raved about it being unique and fun to play.

I just downloaded the Iphone version, because it was (1) featured and (2) had good reviews as far as an app goes.  I’ll confirm the reviews the game is amazing.

Why?  A few reasons:

(1) its epic like star wars.  From the anti-institutional storyline about “runners” passing info that isn’t governent approved to the actual scrolling into the distance text that moves while the levels load, this game feels like its bigger than it is.

(2) It does something most games dont (k.i.s.s.) Keep it Simple Stupid.  The game controls are a series of dashes.  Nothing too complicated.  You dash forward with a finger, and she slides, you dash up with your finger and she jumps, all the while if you are touching the ground, she runs faster until hitting an object.

(3) For an Iphone app, the Graphics are great.  The feel of cell shaded graphics do well on the iphone, and since this is a side scroller, it doesn’t ever get too complicated.  It reminds me of the new 3d sidescrollers harking back to Mario and Sonic Days of Glory on SNES and Genesis.  Hits me in a real retro spot.

Overall, this is a great download.  The challenge does get harder as the levels progress and will remind you of the mega man days of trying to memorize a level and doing it over and over til you get it right.  Highly worth the download my friends.  Out.


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