Nintendo 3DS Looks Awesome

I own an Iphone 3g, which has pretty much been my portable gaming device of choice thanks to a MMOG called Kingdoms Live where I lead a clan of 170 people.  Previous, I owned a Nintendo DS, which I bought the day it came out.  It was the old silver clam shell version, and there were 5 games available at launch. The only one really worth mentioning was Super Mario 64 DS.  Oh, it was swell, to have an N64 in my hands with two screens.

Well, I stopped using that clunker of a video brick, and started downloading apps – which is how I prefer to have games now – on a hard drive.  Nintendo basically dropped off my radar until just now.  Articles have begun to spring up about the 3DS.  It is a 3D (without glasses) portable gaming device, with more power than the iphone and psp – and with double the amount of pixels on a larger screen.  Sounded enticing, so I investigated.

It’s going to cost about $200, but seeing that this really does look like the beast of a gaming set (3D, megavisual, download store, two screens) – its going to be worth it.  Google it and see all the buzz.  I’m excited. (PS – the 6 yr and under warning doesn’t affect us adults, but parents take heed.)


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