Super Soaker Inventer Blows Minds! (Changing the World with Science)


I remember in 5th grade when our teacher Mr. N, told us that if we could truly harness all the energy that the sun sends to a square inch of earth, we would have oodles of energy and we would no longer need oil.  His charge to us (or observation) was that our generation would have to solve the issue of energy dependance on fossil fuels.  Since then I have been a wreck, sometimes forgetting the seriousness, but always being reminded by gas prices, that Mr. N was right.  We need to stop wrecking stuff (ala the gulf) in order to have cheap energy for the masses.

Today I read an article about Lonnie Johnson, homegrown inventer (made the SUPER SOAKER), and all around scientist from Mobile, AL.  This dude has an idea that truly will change the world.  By using Hydrogen and the heat from the sun, he has devised and begun testing a device that will use the splitting and recombining of Hydrogen atoms to collect and retreive electrons for charging your ipod (or your car, or your electric snuggie, whatever).

I’m not a scientist, and yet I have wondered why with the Billions of dollars pouring into energy companies, this didn’t come from one of their own researchers?  And I am so excited that there is even more hope that solutions are coming from individual thinkers out there.

Now, Lonnie, some personal advice: Do not go to meet with any oil connected energy researchers in a dark ally. I’m just saying.  Be safe.


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