No Coffee Challenge Day 5! Just Because the Naysayers Say I Won’t.

I have friends that say it won’t happen.  They tell me they give me five days and I’ll be back on coffee.  The sensible side of me says you’re right, I probably will, I only quit because of stomach flu last Thursday and I needed to stay hydrated.  But the stronger rebellious side says “NO, you don’t know me.”  “I’m gonna do what I want – even if that means I’m gonna feel groggy forever and the rest of my life to prove it…”  so I haven’t had coffee for five days.

After 9 days you are technically no longer addicted to coffee.  I am looking forward to Day 9.  I imagine that Day 9 will be like sunshine after many cloudy and cold raining days.  I will suddenly feel much warmer, and I won’t have to hold onto my blanket and watch Smallville with Amanda for comfort.  I’ll just do those things because I can, not because of an addiction.

So you say, what’s your plan after Day 9?  I’ll tell you my plan.  Two coffees a week, and remain unaddicted.  I’ll have one on Wednesday before Youth Group, and one on Sunday before Confirmation and Worship – IF THAT.  I haven’t decided.  I may just stick with tea, or something different, or just do decaf coffee forever.  I’m still working this out.

But I need your support.  The rebellious side of me says this will be a good thing.  If you send me coffee, please send Decaf 😉 Amen.

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