My Mom Has Been Writing and Has a Website for Her Band/Music – Kelly Sampson Griswold

Kelly Sampson Griswold’s Website

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Kelly Sampson Griswold is an Indie Singer-Songwriter currently working the underground culture and the church/wedding/banquet/funeral/prison circuit. She is inspired by her love of people and nature; hence the heavy personification that glimmers and shines through deep symbolic music.

Her personal interests include singing, friendship, nature walks, coffee talk, Bible reading, novel books, and boxing to de-stress!

Kelly Griswold – singer/songwriter/acoustic guitar
“Notoriety Oxymoron Band”
Deborah Webb – violin
Chantelle Griswold – mandolin, viola, sax, Harry King
Tim Moore – congas
Sam Kennedy – drums
Larry Griswold – Sound Engineer

Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr. , Daniel Griswold-For Sheriff, Third Day, Creedence Clear Water Revival, Byrds, John Denver, “Notoriety Oxymoron Band”. All of our experiences in life that bring us closer to Jesus.


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