Daniel Griswold Thought This Top Ten Blogs from Two and a Half Years of Blogging

I’ve been blogging for about two and a half years now on WordPress and thought it might be fun to see what my Top Ten looked like.  It is pretty diverse, covering a wide range of topics from logos to sexuality to the recent snowstorms and even Nicholas Cage’s hair.  Some being quite recent!  Apparently my Homepage was incredibly popular being number 1 and my posts on Kingdoms Live (an online app I play) make up the next three.  I’ll do a Kingdoms Live roundup later, but here is the Top 10 Not Kingdoms Live Blogs from the last two and a half years:

(1) A Thought on Youth Group Names/Logos

(2) We Own a House – Take a Look

(3) Honestly Webcomic – District 9 Metaphor

(4) Our Move in Progress

(5) Pass It On: Midwest Snow Storm (aka SNOWPOCALYPSE) from Space

(6) Even Bigger Satellite Picture of Blizzard of 2011 – Covers Country

(7) Final – Moved Into Bluffton, SC

(8) Sexual Ethics in “Circle of Friends”

(9) Pass It On: The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair

(10) No Coffee Challenge Day 5! Just Because the Naysayers Say I Won’t.

What a wide range of interests.  I really love writing and I’m trying to get every thought down.  I also blog all my youth ministry stuff at Multempire on Tumblr, so check out my resources there for youth ministry folks.  Take some time and check out my random top 10 blogs 😉


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