I <3 My Wife

It has almost been 8 years being with my wife Amanda and I am still madly in love.  We don’t have any kids but we have a few hundred youth from different times and places.  We have spend 2 years together at Flagler college, 4 years in seminary in MA, and almost 2 years in Hilton Head Island, SC.  That time includes the meshing of our lives so her friends have become my friends and mine have become hers.  We have prayed for each other and have seen God’s good work in different congregations and have found the good people of God’s Kingdom in all of them.  I believe we are blessed beyond comprehension, because this year we bought our first home.  Amanda has her craft and workout room, I have my office and we spend a lot of time watching Smallville in our cozy living room on the big brown couch.  I am completely in love and despite it being my birthday today – I may let it also be Valentine’s day too.

I love you Amanda. -Dan


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