Diane Lane Picked to Play Martha Kent in Superman Franchise Reboot

Superman Returns was faithful to the film version of Superman in many ways, but it just didn’t pull contemporary viewers into the experience the way Batman Begins or The Dark Knight have.  Even the new Star Trek reboot comes to mind.  A little more rock and roll and a bit more faithfulness to the original comics would have been nice.

In a great move, the part of Martha Kent, the adoptive mother of Kal El aka Clark Kent, will be played by Diane Lane.  Initially my reaction is that she is beautiful, and really conveys the smile of Martha that Annette O’Toole originally portrayed in the WB series Smallville.  I am looking forward to seeing how they portray the woman of deep conviction whose story is essential for the development of Superman being Human in all the good ways and not the bad.

In many early comics, the Kent family is associated with the Methodist faith, which is a Christian group that puts a high value on Social Justice and taking Jesus serious when he tells us to care for the poor and needy.  This certainly is in line with Superman’s need to bring Justice to the people of Earth but also his ability to step back when he is offered praise and adoration towards deification.

Looking forward to the developments of this film. The writing and character development will be crucial.  Crosses fingers.

See People Article Here.


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