Today Thought This Reached 10,000 Blog Views – Milestone

I started “Thought This” as a blog to get ideas down so that I don’t lose them.  I was also hoping that people would stop in and talk about the ideas presented to create a conversation.  My first year was rough and so was my writing style.  I received less than 1,000 total hits the whole first year.  As I became more comfortable with writing and picked up an article at The Island/Bluffton Packet and started for Youth Ministry resources I began to really love stopping in here and positing something that had come in a coffee high, or now that I don’t drink coffee – at a random time my mind decides to give me ideas (day or night). I still have quite a few ideas to put down, too many restaurant reviews I’d like to get done (pics and experience already taken), many books I’ve finished reading that need reviews, and I’m sure to start up some graphic design once again in the near future.  I sincerely miss doing the “honestly” comic and need to start that up again.

So at 10,000 views today, I feel happy that so many people are using my blog as a resource.  For Kingdoms Live strategy helps which are obviously the most favorite of what I provide (GO GOW!), to the philosophical and political as well as Ministry thoughts about the Kingdom – I sincerely enjoy writing here.  If this blog has been fun for you in any way let me know in the comments.  Otherwise – feel free to lurk about 😉




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