Grace Chapel Lexington, MA will Open New Campus in Wilmington – Where I Accompanied a Young Lady to the Prom (Former Casa De Fior)

I remember being asked to a prom by a girl in my youth group back in the day.  We were friends, so I accepted.  I remember I had to talk to my dad for directions (before Mapquest Google or Yahoo Maps) and I suited up and jumped in the car, picked up the lady I would be accompanying, and we headed to Casa De Fior in Wilmington, MA.  It was a great place for a banquet, and very beautiful.  There was a fine meal, great videos, and later that evening we danced.  It was a nice affair.

Years later, I’m having a dry week with lots of work responsibilities and I’m trying to take a mind break by reading blogs, and I see a post by Tom VanAntwerp, a preaching and teaching pastor at Grace Chapel Lexington MA where I used to work as a Youth Ministry Assistant in the High School Ministry.  Turns out – they’re launching a new campus with Tom as the Campus Pastor, it will be multi-site, they’ve hired the Youth Pastor, and there is a blog.  I read it and looked at the picture (above) and realized I’d recognized the place.  It was the same Casa De Fior!

Apparently CdF went under which I think happened a while back, not recently.  It fits perfectly.  A building made for hospitality and welcoming, which is a hallmark of the Grace Chapel community.  There are even videos of the reconstruction. Here is the video of the youth space.  They’re having a Pizza Party and launching the space soon and it will be called Gravity, which is great because I was there with Dorian Botsis back in the day when they renamed the group, came up with the Logos, and made “Experience the Pull” the ethos of the HS youth group.  So exciting.

I want to let the folks at Grace Chapel know that I am excited for the growth and vision, I am praying for each of your efforts, and I am so glad that your plans and hard work are coming to fruition.  Be ready for the ebb and flow of pioneering a new worship space – as people come and check the space.  Be ready to persevere through the spikes in attendance and the lows that come after the spikes as you build relationships that will eventually last the long haul.  I realize that a multi-site may not have all the challenges of a new church – but there will  be unique ones and great ones. But always remember, like with Joshua – my favorite verse – “Be Bold and Courageous – for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go!”

Spread God’s word and let the world know of the love of Jesus Christ!


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