New Iphone “4S” Hints at Iphone 5 Release

Last year I had heard rumors that this summer, it would be likely that no new Iphone would be released other than a smaller version of the Iphone 4.   As the rumor mill goes, that doesn’t seem to be the case. This is especially so because Game Developers have been receiving what they call the Iphone 4S with the new A5 chip (replacing the slower A4 of the Iphone 4) and is rumored to have an 8 mp rather than 5 mp camera as well as 64 gb of storage rather than just 32 gb.  Not bad.  According to this article, the phone is to be sold in September.  I hope so, because I want to find someone upgrading so I can buy an Iphone 4 as they unload! My 3g is bogging down with the new apps and an upgrade needs to happen soon.

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