How We Handled the Flood – In the Youth Donut Area @ Saint Andrew By-The-Sea

Two weeks ago we had a flood in the youth area of the church.  Apparently a small water heater under a kitchenette once used by a Sunday School to make coffee (and unknown to me – I thought it was a water purifier) split in two and spewed water out.  It covered the whole youth donut with an inch of H20, so much so that our pastor reported that he saw the sheen of light ripple tipping him off that something wasn’t right.

We have three rooms in the youth area, but it wasn’t just the youth rooms that were flooded.  The church library, the bathrooms, our counselor’s and Asst. Pastor’s office and the area between were also put out.  My first notice came when our pastor calmly told me that morning.  It was pretty early, but not too early because I was the sound tech for the early service anyway.  We thought through some alternative plans and I came over the church immediately.  Our Christian Discipleship Director, also in charge of Children’s Church, gave us some space upstairs in replacement to meet and even helped put up signs.

That gave me some time to call our custodian and our Church Administrator.  Reaching the former, I was instructed to find the mains and turn them off (which allowed me to learn where the mains are by the road) and a Sound Tech who was at the service came and offered to run sound while I did all these things.

By the end of the day, our Church Admin had a Company there to clean up the water and they placed tons of fans in place.  Not only that, but our trustees pulled off the baseboards so mold wouldn’t grow, and we scheduled Bowling for Wed night youth group (and a movie this week so we can put everything back together after a good carpet shampoo).

All in all, an emergency calmly handled and everything will be back to normal after a few weeks.  I just wanted to write this to thank everyone who responded to the flood and helped get things moving.  I am glad that we are versatile enough that we can communicate with youth and parents fast enough to get the word out about changes in youth programming.  And lastly, I am very impressed with the good attitudes and charitableness displayed by everyone affected and effected by the flood. It is never easy to lose your space – especially space as sacred as youth areas can get.  But all in all, the church moves on even if we had no space to call our own.  Here’s to new days with new challenges!



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