The Economics of The United States Presented in Rap Battle – Brilliant

My friend Matt Wiatt posted this video on FB and it blew my mind.  The situation in the United States where we debate the Top Down or Bottom up theories of economics come together here in an amazing way.  In a debate/boxing match that visually presents the balance that the two theories side by side do to keep each other in accountability.  I would propose that there is always a forgotten element to economics (especially to the “Invisible Hand”) and that is “ethics”.  Regardless of the theory in which you are proposing to solve the issues facing the economy, the foundation of  a strong economy always comes down how “Good” the individual is which makes up  “Good” groups (nation, corporation, government, organization, etc.) that create efficient engines that create prosperity.  If ethical behavior isn’t systemic (in which people are seeking to do the most good individually and corporately) the system will eventually collapse due to instability and uncertainty.  In the meantime, check out this video.  Very well done.


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