Pick Your Phone By Your Personality (Windows, Blackberry, Iphone, Android) – Response

I just read this blog on Choosing Your Phone by Personality Type.  The writer makes a statement that he likes the Window’s phone best and then tries to characterize the personalities of those who prefer the different phones.  I felt that his take on the Iphone, however, was pretty shallow and I wasn’t sure what he was basing it off of.  So as a person who prefers the Iphone I will respond and characterize all four operating system users from an Iphone User’s perspective.


Before Verizon had the Iphone, the Android became the status equivalent of the Iphone.  The news follows it rigorously so fanatics can obsess and fanboy over it like iOS.  Many who use Android are the tinkerers who don’t like Apple’s closed code policies so some rebels are among this group.  Since Google developed it, it has instant credibility and name recognition and has become the mass market smartphone.  People can trust it because Google is backing it and has perceptibly near infinite resources to back the project.  These users are not homogenous because there are a variety of devices at different price points.  It is a cheaper mass market option in line with Google’s strategy to dominate everything in every way in every sphere.  Lastly – the little Android guy is cute and may get some business from that angle.  Just saying.

Windows Phone

This phone is for the gamers, especially Xbox fans, and those who are generally fans of Microsoft products.  The design is sleek and there are those people who want Windows flow with an easy to use interface.  Who better to make a phone for pc lovers than MS and the simplicity in this os is surprising considering their past with convoluted menu systems and folders.  I think a lot of people will stumble into the Windows phone and the marketing seems quaint.  It is a phone that is supposed to save us from our phones.  Those who don’t like the direction complicated direction phones are taking may check this one out.

Blackberry (RIM)

Recent dedications to video and beautiful screens cover up the fact that BB’s are really the first smartphone to really take hold.  They are negatively known as “Crackberries” due to the nature of business people always connected, neglecting other responsibilities or relationships without really intending to drop the ball.  When texting, email and phone are always active, who could blame early adopters.  The roller ball and keyboard were well done for the time (though severely out dated since touch technology has become widely adopted).  Those who use Blackberry are now the traditionalist business people who don’t like change.  They got used to this thing so they’ll use it as long as they can.  Some businesses are making the move to Iphone, but I bet that many won’t take this without a fight.  Their market share may be shrinking, but that’s probably due to the market expanding around them.


Ok – I’m a little biased.  I’m writing this on a Macbook Pro, I have two Imacs and I have an Iphone 3g (older, I know, but its still nice).  Iphone users tend to be obsessive about their tech (to the point of religious devotion – google it – there was a study on the brain).  The design factor and delight in merely holding such a beautiful device is enough for some, for others it is the integration of all things Apple.  These folks probably don’t mind the loss of a little control for the simplicity of a product that works and has amazing customer service.  They will pay more but get more out of the experience, and their word travels so that Apple really doesn’t have to market as much as it does these days.  Unfortunately, Apple changes things as it innovates and so the Iphone user is almost forced to upgrade every year and half, and compulsive buyers line up for the latest must have handheld.  A last word for apple – they know how to string people along.


Hopefully this added a different perspective to the above blog (linked).  All the phones are good for someone, but they won’t fit everyone.  As phones become works of art and fashion they become more subjective.  Buyers should first start with the question of functionality and look at reviews of the device to determine the best phone, then look at the form factor.  Hardware and OS are key.  Find the right fit and you’re golden.  Good luck!


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