Pass It On: Super Wave of Tahiti in Slow Motion Takes Breath Away and Teaches about Leadership

I watched this amazing footage of surfers taking on one of Tahitis mega-waves and thought two things:

(1) God has made an amazing Earth.  That much water curling and moving with such power really shows off God’s glory.

(2) All you leaders or wanna-be leaders out there, look at these surfers taking on this thing.  There are contests out there for surfers to get 100 foot waves and they drop in with lines from motor-boats.  Surfers go to the arctic to ride frigid waves created by dropping ice cliffs.  All this for the pursuit of excellence in surfing and simply the thrill of doing it.  Makes me feel like the challenges in my day are a lot less dangerous.

What challenges are you taking on?  How thrilling is your own personal ride in this life?  Push yourself further!

Source: @Gizmodo


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