New Japanese Video looks like best of Phantasy Star Online, Zelda Windwaker, Pokemon, Grandia, and Final Fantasy! (warning – cell shading ahead)

The game is Ni no Kuni by the development company Level-5 for the DS and PS3 (interesting combo there).  Below is 13 minutes of trailer and then gameplay of this amazing looking game.  As a gamer, I have some very specific tastes that were developed between the NES – Sega Dreamcast era.  While I do the whole FPS stuff in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, I’ve always had a soft spot for the artistry of games like Shadow of the Colossus, Zelda: Windwaker, and even old Playstation classics like Klanoa and Tomba.  These games presented low stress side scrolling and puzzle solving with interesting story lines and creative universes to explore and conquer.  Modern games too often continually challenge the player so much that it is hard to enjoy the universe.  I like adrenaline rushes like any other, but if that’s the basis of an entire game, after a hard days work, sometimes I just want to explore, enjoy, and feel like I’m escaping into a fun universe.  This game looks like its going to be on my Christmas dockett if it comes over to the United States. It has free roaming in a beautiful environment, sailing on a boat ala windwaker (which I loved btw – windwaker haters begone), and the gamestyle looks to allow the player to think through and strategize in the classic rpg style.  Depending on the portion of the game, there are different perspectives and the developers looked like they had fun making this. It looks like a work of art in progress and I can’t wait to play. Thanks to Kotaku, you can see the game footage below.  Check it out and be excited:

Source: Kotaku


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