Woman at the Well (John 4) – Sticking Your Neck Out for Something Good

This is my first video “message” to our youth group.  We had a lot of positive feedback, so I hope to do this creatively and well.  My promise is that the message will be impact-ful and be about 5 minutes long.  This message, on The Woman at The Well is a favorite of mine.  First, it shows how much Jesus loved the Gentiles and illustrates that Christianity is a universal faith reaching out to all people.  Second, it shows how Jesus was willing to model reaching out in radical ways to show us how we can do it also.  The woman here picks up on it and an entire community realizes, “Hey, this Jesus guy is for real.”  I love this passage in scripture.  Sticking your neck out is a good thing when it is for a higher cause.

Image from: http://www.sklomotion.com/paintings/well.gif


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