Neilson Reveals Internet’s Most Popular Websites: Google, Facebook, Youtube…Apple?

Internet StatsSource: Nielson Blog (Click Here)

Looking at the data for this month’s most popular Internet Websites and how much time people spent on those sites, I wasn’t particularly surprised – at first.  The top few are pretty obvious.  Google has the most amounts of hits per month, Facebook has the most amount of hours on the site.  We can debate which is most valuable.  I also thought it was interesting that Yahoo has longer visits – mainly because they, unlike Google, provide content.  Google is merely a very strong portal, a means to other’s ends.  AOL gaining time on their site, according to Neilson, is probably due to the injection of content from “The Huffington Post”.  Not sure if that integration has happened yet, but they received a good bump up.

Surprises?  Look at Youtube – not as much time spent on Youtube as other sites.  I thought that was interesting since you could potentially spend hours on the site.  I would think perhaps that is due to the fact that people watch Youtube on other sites quite frequently.  Not sure if that is a help or a hinderance to Youtube, but part of its functionality is that Youtube is portable and can be written into other pages.  People like that.

A second surprise is Apple.  I never would have thought that the domain would receive so much time on their site.  I always have thought of them as a shop where you go to quickly and leave, like  But perhaps their support and discussion boards keep people there longer to help and be helped on the Mac Forums.  I also suppose that Apple supporters like to surf new products and seek out what’s new – we’re such junkies for the stuff.

All in all, a neat set of data from Neilson.





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