Pass It On: Six Am Comics is Go

Growing up, there were few joys greater than grabbing a digital camera and running around making silly videos.  Some guys made skateboard ramps, and my friends and I made videos to make ourselves laugh.  It was fun and we had fewer broken bones.  It was also more lasting.  We have direct evidence, in the form of videos, that ties us to the undying memories of adolescent humor.  Videos such as “The Moose”, “80’s Bum”, and “The Mystical Face” last forever in our memories.

Now to the point – We eventually became more sophisticated and began staying up to 6 am in the morning editing “Refrigerator Man” episodes.  Taping would last all day and we would use the night to do the technical stuff.  Later in college, some of the three of us made comics called “Scholars” and posted them on the web, and one of us hand drew a comic called “Honestly” that eventually was posted as well.  These efforts became more and more sophisticated and we became better writers as well.  One of us made a website and we had several designs that worked or didn’t.  It was all very exciting but didn’t garner much attention at all.  We didn’t have a brand, an audience, nor any money.  It was pure creative output and it worked for long spurts until our schoolwork or jobs got in the way.

About a month ago Google+ came out and changed how we do work flow.  The people in Six AM Comics are myself (Dan, South Carolina), Mark (New Hampshire), and Kevin (Massachusettes).  Google+ circles gave us a format to start writing scripts for a comic we called “Six AM” and we developed our characters into separate identities from ourselves making them “Avatars” that personify the spirit of Six AM (and are symbols of our immortal adolescent selves and humor).  These guys are Stan, Jason and Kal.

With these three, we centered all our creative output into this funnel and created SIX AM COMICS.  We started with a fanpage on Facebook, and made Six AM avatars for the first 40 people who liked us and we continue to do contests for more.  Mark worked hard on fun flash games for those enjoying our page and started revving up for the “Scholars” comic which would be a backbone for the culture of the site and the development of our main avatars who would have their own blogs (Stan’s Dungeon, Jason’s Battlefield, Kal’s Universe) and creative output including the Honestly Comic by Kal.

And here we go.  Six AM Comics presents a new universe for you to explore.


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