The Face of Jesus

It is interesting that the Gospels don’t talk about what Jesus looked like.  The center of the Christian faith has thousands of traditions depicting him in all the different ethnicities of the world.  Those who revere and love God’s son, and those who have contemplated the Incarnation (God made into a human like us) have wanted to feel closer to Christ in their regular life and devotion.  This is such a strong thrust (in arts and in our religion) that it caused a schism in the church.  The Orthodox Church reveres the icons as being a supernatural way of meditation seeing heaven through earthly things like paint. I’m always amazed at the wonderful works of art we continue to create.  I made this video about two years ago for use in church, but it misfired and never really got its due.   I am going to show it in youth group as an extension of my talk on Jesus as Lord.  I hope that you can take some time to just enjoy this video of The Face of Jesus:


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