Being Awesome: Warren Buffett Slaps Republicans…I Like It

Apparently Warren Buffett, the billionaire business bronco, is sick of the Push Back from Republicans on the issue of wealthy people helping with the National Debt by paying higher taxes than they do now.

Certain politicians have retorted to WB that perhaps if he’s feeling “guilty” he can send a check to the Treasury.  According to this article, Warren has upped the anty on the Reps by stating that for every dollar they send to the treasury, he will match it.  I like that kind of cavalier attitude (though I wouldn’t mind if he actually just showed them up and sent a check daring them to match it).

I have to say that Buffett has a good thing going on here.  The National Debt is a huge problem.  Though I don’t know what it takes to be and remain wealthy, and I know that there is great responsibility in that, in times of trouble for a nation, if there are some people who can hold the whole system to account and then ask them to solve it (politically and with their own purses), I like it.

Politics seem to be more about the all or nothing these days, and that has its place sometimes (ex. fighting evil like slavery).  But on the National Debt, signing pieces of paper stating I’ll never do this or that (even if it is for the common good or for any reason) is foolish.  I’m not a fan of taxes, not at all.  In fact I want smaller government.  But I also realize we have to pay for what we’ve already done – lets get that done too!


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