Pass It On: Five Iron Frenzy is Back! New Album in 2013

Were you ever into Ska?  I had a friend that really really really was. I used to kick him around saying and drawing pics about how “Ska is dead”.  Well, I was a jerk, because I later fell in love with the Ska/Rock band Five Iron Frenzy.  Their song “New Hope” became a staple and I can’t put a number on how much I played through “Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric Bugaloo”.  They’re such a solid band, they have a unique sound and Reese has a voice I can’t get enough of.

The band is raising funds, and has already raised 50k for the cause of getting out and playing music again.  The most exciting part is that they will have a new album next year.  If they come near this area, I’ll be out.  Check their website  and help them get on Conan O’brien!


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