Future Writing – Brainstorming for Future Blogs and Articles

One of the purposes of my blog is to write down ideas so that they do not slip into the ether.  My memory only lasts so long, so after a good cup of coffee, here are a few ideas that I have for future writing:

(1) At the death of William Hamilton (wrote “God is Dead”), how can people of faith grapple with why he said that.  The core is on “Suffering” and evil in the world.  In a post-Holocaust world, how do we reconcile the existence of a loving and active God, and people starving or tortured.  If God is all powerful and all knowing – how can He let this happen?  Christians do have answers to this, but these answers are deeper and longer than the average attention span – thus, in a the soundbite world of today, don’t have any impact.  So – In a sound bite – 30 seconds or less – Why is there suffering in the world?   (My answer would have something to do with free will, and people taking responsibility for the evil they commit – and taking ownership of the fact that humanity has the ability to help fix the problems of humanity, and many of us are trying.  God is in that.)  Will Need Further Development.

Article: Hamilton passes, LA Times.

(2) Learning through Play – Many parents deplore the amount of games and entertainment that our kids consume each day/week/year.  Problem is, our whole culture had moved towards a culture of “PLAY” rather than of “WORK”.  Even work has become play and play has become like work (as we schedule it in and make sure we have it).  The question is, how do we harness PLAY for GOOD.  And is it profitable to the individual’s character and/or the soul to play?  In certain types of play?  And if our current state of play is ultimately useless – how can we make PLAY profitable for the Kingdom of God considering that our current cultural trajectory doesn’t seem to be changing much.  Examples of Mission Trips and other cultural life changers could be brought in to speak of how we can organize recreational play/work to care and experience the world and see what God is doing.  ALSO – for up and coming generations with affinity towards electrical play – can we harness that impetus and make more comprehensive GAMES that teach GOOD things.  Ex.  Pour a few million dollars into an exploration Game following a person growing up, making decisions, learning trades, sciences, arts, maths, etc. and moving into the epicness of adulthood.  Is there a way to do this that attracts parents and kids, rather than playing destruction based games such as Grand Theft Auto.

(3) Stuff – and how it gets in the way of loving God.  In wealthier communities, how do we get through the Needle Hole of faith and what does that look like?  How do we get beyond our base desires, and find a discipline of self aimed towards Godly goals?  Especially important during the season of Lent.

(4) Middle and High School Battle Grounds – The Teen Brain is always growing and creating new connections.  Their personalities are developing amid the chaos and intensity of personal, physical and emotional growth.  With the amount of access teens have to information, and with their ability work and influence each other – and in the darker sense – to bully each other, how do we create the best atmosphere for Good young people to grow and contribute to the world?

There are 3, if you have something you think I should write about, please comment and let me know.


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