The Extras: Articles You Might Want to Read – “The Importance of Being Awesome” This is interesting because it talks about the dynamics of the new economy based in the Infosphere.  I highly recommend this read because it talks about what and how things become important.  One line that sticks out is summarized, “If its not sharing, its not important” (my own words).  Good read if you’re thinking of “Being Awesome” in any way this week. “Why the ‘Maybes’ Cripple Your Business” This was interesting because it shows how people can focus on indecision and get absolutely nowhere, but to focus on those who are decisive and supportive would show some very solid results.  This is obviously a business post, but I think that it applies to the decisions we make in everyday life, especially in regards to stewardship of our time.  On the other end, perhaps we should refrain from saying “Maybe” altogether, so that we don’t use up other’s time and resources.

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