Our Sacred Space AKA Youth Gathering Room (oh the difference a year makes)

A little over a year ago, the Children’s Ministry at Saint Andrew allowed us (Surf Youth Group), to take over a large room in our administration building in order have more space for Youth Activities.  Here is what it looked like as we first utilized the room:

We inherited two couches, some green padded chairs, two directors chairs, and a large tube television.  I eventually brought in a ping-pong table (not shown), the stage behind me, bought a projector, and moved in a healthy stack of NLV Bibles.  Good to go for the time.

We quickly outgrew the half space we had, and I had to rearrange several times to accomodate.  The paint was aged (with years of handprints plastered about), so over the summer Amanda (my wife) and I did a major overhaul.  We painted the walls blue and a deep red.  Moved over to the other side of the room and enlarged the gathering space.  A donated couch arrived, we hooked up an HD TV for media, and brought in a Gladiator Gearbox, some lights and a laptop to do some really fun stuff.  Here is the current room:

I forgot to mention that I love the icicle lights – in person they make the room very warm.  This picture was taken after High School Youth Group on Sunday Night, and I love how the room feels.  Unfortunately, more work needs to be done.  We are already over capacity for seating space for some of our programs with Middle School youth, and so this summer we will likely work on some new projects – like taking out the back walls, painting the hallways, and making a unified youth space (we also have a teaching room and a Green Room that feels more like a coffee shop).

In all the youth ministries in which I have served families, having a fun and warm space is incredibly important for those who worship and spend time in the church.  A lot has happened as we have continued to redo the rooms including a new and growing High School Youth Group known as ACDC (Awesome Christian’s Digging Christ).  Summer missions is exploding, Confirmation is passionate, events are transforming lives, and God is doing some great and amazing things.   Nice to know the space is getting used ;D  God bless you and pray for us if you have a few moments.  Peace.


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